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Coaching to support your personal passions and creative well-being

  • Have you lost your creative groove and want to find it again?

  • Are you looking for ways to build creative habits and keep a routine?

  • Do you have an idea for a new project and don’t know where to start?

I offer 1 to 1 coaching to help you unlock your creativity and push through your limiting beliefs.

By working with me, you’ll be introduced to tools and methods to undo patterns that may be blocking you from being your best creative self. 

An effective coach can support you in getting back on track, discovering new parts of yourself, and finding ways to move forward with confidence, so you can finally achieve your creative ambitions.

What’s in your way?

Unhelpful thoughts and behaviours that can be turned around through coaching include:

  • I start projects but then abandon them, and I’m not sure why.

  • I don’t have enough time to be creative.

  • What I make has to be perfect. Otherwise, it’s not worth my time.

  • I have an idea, but I don’t know where to start to make it real.

  • I doubt my talents and skills, and I don’t think I’m good enough.

  • I give all my energy to something else (my job, my family, my friends … ), so I don’t have any energy left for making things.

  • I see myself as a creative person, but I don’t think my creativity is valued by others.

Who’s it for

My approach is appropriate for creative and non-creative professionals and hobbyists. I have helped freelancers, managers, independent artists, executives, and those considering a career transition.

About me

I believe that individual and collective expression is one of the most powerful tools we have to co-create and improve the world we live in.

I am an artist with over 17 years of professional experience across a range of creative disciplines, including fine art, graphic design, and UX design for technology. I have worked with design teams of all sizes and levels of maturity.

I was previously the Lead Instructor of the UX Design Immersive program at General Assembly where I provided instruction and guidance to over 100 students.

Work with me

I provide one-off sessions and packages. Sessions are held over the phone or by video chat. A typical package includes:

  • 6 sessions over 3-months, speaking every other week

  • Email support between sessions

During an initial session, we’ll do a status check of your current creative energy, pin-point your top challenges, and discuss your goals. From there, I’ll support you in finding the pathway to your best creative life.

Let’s chat

Feel free contact me with any questions, or book a free 30 minute phone consultation.