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Coaching to support you and your team’s professional development

I offer coaching around unlocking creativity, developing and improving creative processes, and pushing through limiting beliefs. I can help you and your team achieve your creative ambitions.

Challenges I help with include:

  • helping individuals build confidence

  • improving ideation and creative problem solving

  • nurturing constructive feedback and communication within teams

  • introducing new methods to improve collaboration between creative and traditionally non-creative roles

  • coaching design leadership on delegation, feedback approaches, and other management challenges

Who’s it for?

My approach is appropriate for creative and traditionally non-creative professionals. I have helped designers, developers, managers, independent artists, and executives.

About me

I am an artist and transformation coach, interested in helping others reach their potential.

I am an artist and former designer with over 17 years of professional experience across a range of creative disciplines, including fine art, graphic design, and UX design for technology. I have worked with design teams of all sizes and levels of maturity.

I was previously the Lead Instructor of the UX Design Immersive program at General Assembly where I provided instruction and guidance to over 100 students.

I am based in London and work with clients in the UK and US.

Let’s chat

Feel free contact me with any questions, or book a consultation.