Francesca’s program helped me find a structure that’s realistic and achievable, yet bold enough to push me creatively. I created more things I’m happy within the last month than I did in the last year!
— Dan Parry, Product Manager at Dubzoo
Francesca inspired me to go after what I want. When I hit rough patches in my career, she helped me awaken creativity that had fallen asleep and get back on track. She gave me the tools to stay true to who I am. Anyone would be lucky to have Francesca as a coach or mentor.
— Carlota Iglesias, User Experience Designer at Soho House & Co.
Working with Francesca has been a welcome change in the way I think about my own creativity. Over the course of a few sessions, I was able to reflect on pre-existing creative habits, and encouraged to develop new ones in accordance with my personal aims and aspirations. Francesca is an incredibly open, encouraging and inspiring practitioner and I’d recommend working with her in a heartbeat!
— Marianne Hanoun, Deputy Editor, Lecture in Progress
I left each of Francesca’s sessions excited about what I had learnt and the creative possibilities ahead of me. Her experience shines through as she talks about the topics about which she is obviously so passionate about. I hope to attend one of her courses again in the future!
— Myles Cowper-Coles, Senior Software Engineer, Thriva Health
I booked a creativity coaching session with Francesca hoping to feel creatively re-energised at the beginning of the year — and the session definitely delivered. Francesca has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on and was very adaptive to my needs and interests as they emerged during the session. She has a calmness and openness about her which made me feel very at home and able to tap into my creative self.
— Sarah Henderson, Director of Operations, Echo Ventures CIC
Francesca is that rare educator you only come across only once or twice in a lifetime. You will remember her words throughout your career and be inspired to push yourself further and give back whenever you get the chance.
— Tim Hazzard, Junior UX/UI Designer at ASOS
The creative act has always been a source of intimidation for me. Yet, during the course of 6 weeks, I have managed to transform my creative ambitions into achievable goals thanks to Francesca.
— Kian Bakhtiari, Founder of The People
Despite the whirlwind of things I threw her way, Francesca was able to quickly put some things into perspective for me in a way that made sense, but at the same time, allow the space for me to figure things out on my own as well. I’m feeling more confident moving forward with my ideas instead of overthinking every part of my current goals. Thank you so much, and looking forward to more sessions in the future!
— Corey Gott, Designer
Francesca is a wonderful instructor. She has a natural way of public speaking that is informal but structured — you feel as though she is speaking directly to you! Her feedback is helpful and encouraging, and she challenges you to make better work.
— Aaron Nathaniel Standen, Digital Product Designer
Francesca has been a wonderful teacher, she is so kind, patient and experienced. When she speaks she doesn’t even need to tell people to be quiet, everyone hangs on her every word!
— Anthea Jackson, Product Designer at Monzo Bank
Incredible intuition! Frankie is one of the rare instructors who also doubled up as a mentor and inspiration for the whole class. She mentored me through the course, being able to recognise my strengths and improve my weaknesses.
— Chidi Nwaubani, User Experience Specialist, Emirates


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